The Advantaages of AirBookReader

  • No need to sync - Can connect to AirBookHome through any WiFi or 3G network
  • No need for conversion of e-book format files like text, image or PDF. AirBookHome converts automatically to suitable file formats, designed for the AirBookReader
  • No need to wait for downloads - instantly view the first page and continue streaming while reading through the other pages
  • No capacity limit - All files are located in your PC
  • Supports various formats and more! - AirBookReader supports various formats such as text, image, PDF, ePub formats and now MS Office files are supported! AirBookReader can read DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX and RFT formats!

AirBookReader Features

No Sync

AirBookReader does not need to sync to your PC in order to put your e-Books and Photos on your ipad.

No Conversion

There is no need to convert your files to an e-Book format in your PC. AirBookReader supports various formats such as image, text, PDF, CBZ, CBR and EPUB. In addition it also supports ZIP compressed formats which eliminates extracting on your PC. Furthermore formats will be supported in the near future.


AirBookReader does live streaming! Read a book instantly! Don't wait until big files are done downloading.

Custom Bookmark

Don't use typical and overused bookmarks. Use your favorite photos as your bookmark.

Search AirBookHome on Local Network

AirBookRader can automatically find AirBookHomes on your local network. It's very easy to add a new AirBookHome.

Offline Mode

You can read your e-Books even when AirBookReader is not connected to WIFI and or a 3G Network. The e-Book can be transferred to 'MY LIBRARY' of your AirBookReader which can allow you to read regardless or lack thereof an internet connection.

Media Remote Controller

The Media Remote Controller is a feature to play a video file in you PC. AiBookReader can control media players to play a movie and show the poster image and information fo the movie.

First, share a folder which contains video files at AirBookHome server and connect to the server at AirBookReader, then "Media Remote Controller" folder will be displayed in the root folder of the server.

Go into the "Media Remote Controller" folder, then you can see video files or folders including video files.

If you touch a video file, control buttons will be displayed. Select one Media Player in the available Media Player List and touch the play button, then the selected Media Player will be executed in your PC and automatically play the selected video file.

The current available Media Players are Windows Media Player, Gom Player, Pot Player, XBMC, Winamp and VLC Player. In the available media player list, only the media players installed in your PC will be displayed.

If the video file is a movie and the file name is written in English, the information and the poster image of the movie will also be displayed on the screen.

* Hold the left and the right button to move forward and backward fast. * + sign: Toggle Fullscreen Mode * If the selected media player is playing in your PC, touch the close button first and touch the play button to play the selected video file.

AirBookHome Features

Open to Extenal Network

If you have a router supporting uPnP, AirBookHome does port mapping automatically and AirBookReader can connect to the AirBookHome from external networks.

By using Pin Numbers, AirBookReader can connect to the AirBookHome from external networks without external IP Address and port numbers of your home network.

Share Your Photos with your friends

AirBookHome can make your photos shared to your friends. Let your friends know the Pin Number and Password of your AirBookServer, to share your personal photos. Of course, you can share your e-Books too.


If you are sharing your photos, the “notice feature” will be very helpful to share your comments and messages with your friends.

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